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The event, driven by the Spanish Wine Federation, will be preceded by a declaration of commitment to the fight against climate change

On 10th June, the city of Barcelona is to host a congress driven by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV), in collaboration with Alimentaria and the Vimac and Fivin Foundations, which aims to heighten awareness in the sector about the fight against climate change. Wineries for Climate Protection will look at the impact of global warming in the wine industry and will bring together numerous international wineries to talk about their experiences of protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions.

The congress will be presided over by former president of Chile and UN special envoy for climate change, Ricardo Lagos, and boasts the intervention of the chairman of the Spanish Wine Federation, Félix Solís, among others. Throughout the morning the theme of the congress will be focused around the experiences of international wineries in their fight against climate change, and will include the participation of international companies such as Moët et Chandon from France, and Fetzer Vineyards from the US, as well as various Spanish bodegas famous for their eco-friendly commitment: Vega Sicilia, Grupo Codoríu and Grupo Matarromera.

The forum’s afternoon session will focus on analysing the wine market tendencies of organic products and will listen to different points of view on the problem of climate change from important figures from the sector such as Miguel A. Torres, Ignacio Sánchez Chivite and Jose Luís Bonet. This last event, a round table, will be moderated by Spanish Master of Wine, Pancho Campo.

The day before the Wineries for Climate Protection congress takes place, the official signing of the ‘Declaración de Barcelona’ will be carried out; a declaration of intentions from the wineries and participants in the congress on their commitment to the flight against climate change.


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The Drink Ribera Grand Tasting in NY was attended by many top sommeliers, restaurant and wine professionals. We got a chance to talk to Master of Wine Lisa Granik, Gretchen Thomas of the Barcelona restaurant group, Edgar Mora of Morrell Wine Co and wine blogger Rick Fisher and about what makes the wines of Ribera unique. Check out what they had to say…..

See Video: http://www.drinkriberawine.com/2010/03/hundreds-gather-to-kick-off-the-ribera-road-tour-in-new-york/

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